VANCOUVER -- Every night at 7 p.m., drama teacher Ineke Lievens sings from her rooftop. Neighbours fill the alley behind her home, dancing more than 2 metres apart.

“We get quite loud thanking the frontline workers,” Lievens told CTV News Vancouver.

Lievens has been singing since she was a child. Her husband said, “Why don’t you sing to them?” And so, she did.

“This whole thing has brought families together,” said Lievens. “We’re living at a much slower pace, enjoying simple things that we really in many ways forgot to enjoy.”

With more than 1,400 reported cases of the novel coronavirus in British Columbia and 1.5 million cases worldwide, people everywhere are banging pots and pans for the frontline workers dealing with COVID-19.

Lievens, a Gladstone Secondary School teacher, will be singing her heart out every night in support.

“It’s so hard to put myself in their shoes, ’cause I’m not even there,” said Lievens. “Thank you to all those people that risk their own lives everyday to keep us safe. Stay positive. Keep positive.”

Lievens says she will keep singing until we have flattened the curve – or until her neighbours stop listening.