VANCOUVER – A caution light in the cockpit forced a commercial flight to return to YVR, according to an Air Canada spokesperson.

Air Canada Jazz flight 8670 was on its way to San Diego around 9 p.m. Friday when the light went off shortly after departure.

An airport spokesperson said the aircraft was experiencing a mechanical issue.

A flight tracker showed the aircraft circling around southern Vancouver Island several times before returning to YVR around 10:30 p.m.

"The crew elected to return to Vancouver and requested priority landing as is standard operating procedure," said Teri Udle, an Air Canada spokesperson.

"In order to ensure a safe landing, the crew was required to burn fuel for approximately an hour to reduce the landing weight of the aircraft," Udle said.

The plane landed safely and airport operations were not affected by the problem, according to Vancouver International Airport staff.

Photos and video from the scene show fire trucks responding to the plane as it taxis slowly down a runway at Vancouver International Airport. 

It was the second incident at YVR on Friday: A United Airlines flight bound for Denver had to abort its takeoff because of a possible bird strike.