Murder charges have been laid against seven men in two gang-related shootings in B.C., including one that killed an innocent man who was driving a gangster's vehicle.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team says all those charged are members of the UN gang and are implicated in the deaths of Jonathan Barber and Kevin Leclair.

Barber was a stereo installer who was shot in Burnaby in May 2008 as he drove a Porsche Cayenne owned by a man police identified as a gang member.

Five men are now charged with first degree murder in Barber's death and the attempted murder of Barber's girlfriend: Dan Russell, Dilun Hung, Karwan Saed, Ion Kroitoru and Yong Lee.

All are already in custody on other charges.

Two other men, Conor D'Monte and Cory Valle, are accused of the first degree murder of known gang associate Kevin Leclair, who was shot outside a Langley mall in February of 2009.

D'Monte and Valle are also charged with conspiracy to murder rival gang members and remain at large with Canada wide warrants issued for their arrest.