A North Vancouver woman who was at home when an intruder burst into her condo and pulled out a knife Thursday night is sharing her story.

Police said the suspect entered three different suites at the Treelyn condo complex on Fromme Road near 28th Street beginning at around 8 p.m., when he apparently entered the building through the patio door of a home on the ground floor.

There, he startled a woman who was home alone and immediately phoned a neighbour for help after seeing the man in her apartment.

"(He) ran straight through her apartment, opened the front door, and ran down the hallway. And that's when she phoned me and said there's a man running around," said the neighbour Maureen Dorratt.

He eventually ended up on the third floor, where a woman named Maria, who did not want to provide her full name due to safety concerns, lives with her mother and small dog.

Maria told CTV News she had just come home and her door had only been unlocked for a few moments when the man came inside.

"I heard my mom yelling at someone to get out. I knew something was wrong," Maria said. "I went out in the living room and this guy was in our house. He went straight out to the balcony."

Maria said the man appeared to have a gash on his arm, and asked her mother to call 911, which she did.

"He pulled a knife out in the kitchen. He seemed scared more than anything. He thought someone was out to get him," she told CTV News.

Maria and her mother quickly went to a neighbour’s for safety.

"I didn’t care what he did to the house, I just wanted out of there," she said.

North Vancouver RCMP said when they arrived at the building, they found a man "hanging from the window of a third floor apartment."

"The man dropped to the ground and was arrested without incident," Sgt. Janelle Shoihet said in a news release.

The suspect, who is 40-years-old, was taken to hospital with serious injuries and remains in custody.

"He was totally incoherent and there was a lot of blood. And he wasn't moving when they were trying to get him settled on the stretcher. He was in a lot of pain," said Dorratt.

Police haven't commented on a possible motive, or whether mental health may have played a role.

Mounties have since notified B.C.'s police watchdog, the Independent Investigations Office, which is tasked with determining whether officers' action or inaction contributed to the man's injuries.

"We don’t know exactly why this individual came off of that balcony at this point. We have to speak to him about that obviously. We have to speak to witnesses which we’re currently in the process of doing," said IIO Civilian Director Ron MacDonald. "Those are the questions we’ll be asking during this investigation, what role if any the police action had with this man’s decision to fall or jump off of that balcony."

The balcony the suspect came crashing through is enclosed with glass windows.

On Friday morning, it was clear to see one of the windows had been broken and there were what appeared to be bloody hand prints smeared on another window pane.

No one else at the building was injured.

The IIO asked anyone who witnessed Thursday's incident to call investigators at 1-855-446-8477.