Drivers across the province may have noticed slightly higher prices at the pumps when they filled up Monday morning. 

The price hike is due to a rise in the province’s carbon tax, increasing from $35 per tonne of carbon dioxide emissions to $40 per tonne.

The end result is an increase of roughly 1.16 cents more per litre for gas.

Many gas stations around the Lower Mainland had prices of just less than $1.60 per litre on the morning of April 1.

Costs are expected to spike even further next week as gas producers switch over to their summer blend.

According to the provincial government, the carbon tax is 8.89 cents per litre for 2019, and the total provincial tax on gas will be 34.39 cents per litre.

But it could be worse.

In four other provinces, gas prices will jump by as much as four cents per litre April 1, as the federal Liberal government’s carbon tax comes into effect.

Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick refused to impose emission taxes on gas, resulting in Ottawa prescribing their own tax.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna confirmed the increase to CTV Question Period host Evan Solomon in an interview on March 31.

"Yes, let's be clear. The price of gas will go up just over four cents," said McKenna.

The minister added 90 per cent of the revenue from the tax would be rebated to Canadians.