Bridge tolls, tax freezes, reduced childcare costs and cuts to MSP have been some of the major issues that are front and center this election campaign. But what does it all mean for voters’ pocketbooks? McLaughlin on Your Side breaks down some of the promises aimed at putting money in your wallet.

Child care

NDP – Supports a $10 a day child care plan and pledge to open 22,500 more spaces within three years.

Liberals – Will open another 8,700 spaces but there will be no cost cuts.

Green Party – Will provide free child care for children up to age 3 with working parents.


Liberals – Plan to cut premiums in half for families making under $120,000.

NDP – Will do the same, and eliminate premiums altogether in four years.

Green Party - Will roll MSP into payroll and personal income tax.


Green Party – Pledge to double the foreign buyer tax to 30 per cent.

NDP – Will impose higher property taxes on foreign buyers' homes.

Liberals – Plan to invest $700 million to provide mortgage down payment assistance with the BC Home Partnership program.


NDP – Vows to get rid of tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ear bridges.

Liberals - Will cap those tolls at $500 a year.

Green Party - You'll still pay tolls and possibly extra fees for drivers with something called "mobility pricing."

Where You’ll Pay

NDP – You’ll pay more tax if you’re making over $150,000, corporate tax will increase one percent and there will be a new empty home tax of 2 per cent.

Green Party – You’ll pay more tax if you’re making over $108,000, the carbon tax will increase and corporate tax will rise by one per cent.

Liberals – Vow to freeze personal income tax, but you’ll likely pay more for hydro and during the Liberal’s reign ICBC has fallen short and in the “worst case scenario” you could see rates climb as high as 42 per cent.