VANCOUVER - A Washington state-based whale research group has captured incredible footage of J-pod southern resident killer whales hunting off B.C.'s coast.

The footage, gathered by the Center for Whale Research on Oct. 3 but shared Tuesday, shows the pod hunting salmon and frolicking near the Gulf Islands. 

Towards the end of the video, multiple whales can be seen swimming near the boat, then one breaches.

Researchers were able to confirm the entire pod was grouped and swimming together. Even a member of the L-pod family was there, before the whales split off with their various mothers. 

In August, the research group said it had been rare for members of the J-, K- and L-pods to visit the core waters of their habitat – which include Puget Sound, Georgia Strait and the inland reach of the Strait of Juan de Fuca – because of the scarcity of Chinook salmon the whales prey upon.

Details from the research group says the observer also first saw a pair of humpbacks off Secretary Island.