One of Canada's biggest pizza chains is apologizing after an alert concierge caught one of their delivery drivers snacking on an order as he was taking it to a customer.

The incident was captured on camera by Eureka Security and Concierge Services late Sunday night. Their employee monitored a Domino's Pizza delivery driver as he took an elevator to an upper floor in central Surrey.

The footage, obtained by CTV News, shows a man with a baseball cap setting down the delivery bag with the pizzas, removing two boxes and opening the top one. He picks several bits from the top and eats them before returning the pizzas to the bag and leaving the elevator.

The concierge immediately notified the resident about the incident.

"We're embarrassed and completely frustrated," said Domino's Canada vice-president of marketing, Jeff Kacmarek.

"Our local franchisee has been in touch with the customer. We're going to make this right. We've apologized to them."

Kacmarek says Domino's only became aware of the incident Tuesday afternoon and acted quickly to fire the college student that had been driving for a Surrey franchisee since July.

"We apologize to all our customers. Obviously, we don't condone this kind of behaviour and it's very unfortunate and we're very sorry that it happened,” the company said.

“We have thousands of hard-working, good drivers working for us every day and providing good service to our customers."

Kacmarek adds that Domino's has notified authorities about the incident and will turn over the video in the event charges are warranted.