VANCOUVER -- A vigil was held for Bikramdeep Randhawa, the 29-year-old provincial corrections officer shot to death in a busy mall parking lot last weekend.

More than 100 people gathered outside the Walmart on 72nd Avenue and Scott Road on Friday evening, in the same Scottsdale Centre parking lot where Randhawa was fatally shot. Attendees left flowers, notes, and lit candles in his honour.

Several of Randhawa’s former coworkers remembered him as a compassionate person, always putting others first.

“He was always welcoming,” one colleague said. “He’d offer you food, drinks, anything to make you stay and chat.”

“I wish he (Bikramdeep) was here. I wish he could give us all one big hug. Make us all laugh one more time with his silly humour,” said another one of his coworkers.

Randhawa moved from India to Canada in 2008 with his brother. While he’s the younger sibling, his older brother often looked to him for guidance.

“This is the biggest thing I have lost in my life,” says Dupinder Randhawa, Bikramdeep’s brother. “This a complete shock to me. I never expected this to happen like this.”

Randhawa’s parents live in India. They’re now desperately trying to fly to Canada for their son’s funeral, but are delayed due to Canada’s current COVID-19-related ban on direct flights from India and Pakistan.

Sukhpreet Brar had been Randhawa’s roommate since 2016. He says he isn’t aware of his friend having any enemies.

“It wasn’t time for a person like him to leave the world and leave family behind, in deep sorrow and tears,” says Brar.

Brar believes his the slaying was a tragic case of mistaken identity. So does Randhawa’s brother.

“As far as I know, he wasn’t involved in anything bad. If he would be, he would tell me,” says Dupinder.

Investigators have cast a wide net and said the motive for the shooting could be anything from his professional life as a guard since 2016, to something in his personal life, to a case of mistaken identity.

On Thursday, Delta Police Department spokesperson Cris Leykauf told CTV News investigators “are still considering a full range of options.”