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Vegan fast-food franchise with Big Mac homage coming to Vancouver, Victoria

(Odd Burger/Facebook) (Odd Burger/Facebook)

A popular vegan fast-food franchise with several locations across Ontario is coming to British Columbia, with restaurants planned in Vancouver and Victoria.

A third Odd Burger location is also being opened in Calgary.

The company said the three new locations are just the beginning of the Odd Burger franchise's western expansion, with 36 restaurants expected to launch in B.C. and Alberta over the next seven years.

"These are the first franchises opening in the west, and we're looking forward to welcoming guests in Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary to a very new fast-food experience," co-founder James McInnes said in a news release.

The franchise's most popular item is the Famous Burger, a plant-based spin on the Big Mac with a chickpea patty, but it also offers seitan "chickUN" fillets, jackfruit "pulled pork," fries and shakes.

The locations of the first Odd Burgers in Vancouver and Victoria have yet to be confirmed.

The company said Vancouver franchisees Stephen and James Wall are still searching for a location, while the Victoria Odd Burger is expected to open in the capital’s downtown, “pending approval from the landlord.”

The Odd Burger in downtown Toronto has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google, with one customer describing the food as “super tasty” and comparable to non-vegan equivalents, but also "equally unhealthy, deep fried and high in sodium." Top Stories

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