The Vancouver School Board has proposed slashing 190 full-time staff positions to address a budget shortfall of more than $18 million.

In the operating budget proposal for the 2010-11 school year, introduced at a meeting Wednesday evening, the board recommended eliminating 113 full-time teaching positions.

In their proposal, school board officials wrote, "There is no doubt that the impact of the reductions proposed for 2010-11 will shake the very core of the system."

Although the proposal doesn't call for any school closures just yet, officials wrote that, "the need to close schools may be on the horizon for the board and our community."

The board said it does not foresee any school closures until the 2011-12 school year.

Also included in the budget proposals is the adoption of a local school calendar, which would see the number of teaching days reduced to 175 from 185.

The proposals will now be discussed through a public consultation process. Final debate and approval of the budget it scheduled for April 19.

For more details on the budget proposal and the consultation schedule, click here.