This week’s friendly visit between Justin Trudeau and Gregor Robertson is fueling rumours about whether Vancouver’s mayor has a future in federal politics.

Trudeau stopped by City Hall on Thursday, marking the first time a prime minister has done so since his father, Pierre Trudeau, visited in 1973.

Trudeau and Robertson, who are policy bedfellows on marijuana legalization, the environment and transit, hugged when the prime minister arrived and the pair exhibited an otherwise warm rapport.

“It’s great having an ally and friend as prime minister,” Robertson said Friday. “We’ve both known each other since we got involved in politics and have some family history generations back, so it’s good to have a connection like that.”

The mayor also dismissed rumours that have been swirling of a Chinese ambassadorship in his future, but stopped short of ruling out the possibility.

“Well, I’m keeping an open mind,” he said.

Political observers suspect there could also be a future for Robertson as a local Liberal MP, or even in another Trudeau cabinet, should the prime minister win re-election.

“Let’s be realistic, [Robertson’s] now in his third term as mayor, he may be reaching the wise end of his run for mayor of this city,” said the Globe and Mail’s Ian Bailey.

Trudeau’s term doesn’t end until 2019, Bailey added, so even if Robertson sees his current term through to 2018 there will be time to jump on board with the Liberals.

Adding to the speculation is the mayor’s reported purchase of a palatial $1.7 million penthouse in Vancouver’s West End – the riding long-held by Liberal Hedy Fry.

Fry is now in her 70s, but was passed up for cabinet this year despite her 20 years in parliament.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Tom Popyk