Protesters greeted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a fundraiser luncheon in Yaletown Wednesday.

Protesters gathered outside, banging drums and giving speeches against the Trans Mountain pipeline as Trudeau, who had earlier made an announcement related to Coast Guard vessels, was attending a fundraiser at the Opus Hotel.

"This is going to cost him some votes and have an unfortunate impact on him in the election in October," said Sonia Theroux, a co-executive director with LeadNow, one of the groups behind the protest against Trudeau's support for pipeline projects.

One man was seen on camera being taken away by police, while one woman was seen being shoved to the ground by security officials.

Susan Stout, the woman caught on camera being shoved to the ground, said she was protesting to help later generations.

"I want future generations to have some place to live," she told CTV News Vancouver. "I want them to have the kind of life I've had."

Inside the hotel, Trudeau faced more opposition from activists.

He was confronted by Indigenous rights activist Will George during his speech to the crowd of media and guests.

"You're a liar and a weak leader," George could be heard yelling at the prime minister. "Climate leaders don't build pipelines."

George was later led out of the fundraiser after exchanging words with Trudeau.

Outside, protesters said they want a leader more committed to battling climate change.

"We need a prime minister willing to do more," said Theroux, adding that carbon taxes wasn't enough.

With files from CTV News Vancouver's David Molko