VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver-based cycling organization has launched an online petition with the hope that cities in the region will create more room for cyclists and pedestrians during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The petition, which was circulated by Hub Cycling, says that since there are so few vehicles on roads during the pandemic, Metro Vancouver municipalities should temporarily give more space to active transportation. 

Hub Cycling also says with more space, cyclists and pedestrians will be able to practise physical distancing more effectively.

"The massive decrease in car traffic during quarantine is going to make cycling and walking more appealing, and much safer," said Navdeep Chhina, acting executive director of Hub Cycling in a news release issued earlier this month. 

"Swift action by local municipalities in creating temporary bike lanes will help deliver a much-needed behaviour change to encourage more people to adopt cycling and walking as their main mode of transportation for their daily commute."

In Vancouver, some roadways have already been set aside for cyclists and pedestrians. On April 9, the city closed the eastbound lanes of Beach Avenue to vehicles, citing concerns from residents trying to physically distance themselves while exercising or getting fresh air. 

Earlier that same week, Stanley Park was closed to vehicle traffic and cyclists were asked to use roadways instead of the seawall. 

As of Monday morning, Hub Cycling's petition had more than 2,100 signatures.