An Aldergrove woman is extremely disappointed with her community after a series of events, which she calls discriminatory.

Lisa Ebenal has lived at her home on 275A Street and 28th Avenue for two years and for the first time, she decided to hang a rainbow flag in celebration of Pride.

“I put it up because to me it represents Canada. It represents all people being equal and everything good about Canada and I am proud of the country we live in,” Ebenal said.

The very next day, she said someone stole her pride flag from the front of her property.

Ebenal explained she purchased another flag and hung it up on Thursday only to find it missing the very next day.

This time, her neighbour, Malcolm Dailly, saw a Township of Langley vehicle at the home.

Dailly called the township and was told someone had complained about the pride flag and staff had removed it.

“It was wrong for the (township) to act on such a phone call,” Dailly said. “That is total discrimination against the gay community.”

Dailly and Ebenal said they both demanded that the township return the flag and noted it was hung on private property.

“They took it down from my yard on private property without contacting me or even checking to see if I was home,” Ebenal said.

Ebenal added a staff member with the Township of Langley drove to their house and apologized, returning the flag.

“The fact they acted so quickly and they came to take it down makes me question the motives behind it,” she said.

Dailly said he and his husband are still outraged at what their neighbour had to go through.

“The (township) really screwed up when they did what they did,” he said.

CTV News has reached out to the Township of Langley and Mayor Jack Froese for comment, neither have responded in time for publication.