The delayed Trump International Hotel & Tower in downtown Vancouver still hasn't opened its doors, but that hasn't stopped dozens of people from flooding Google with unflattering reviews. 

Featuring phony complaints on everything from Russian-speaking staff to spray tan on the sheets, more than 75 people have submitted reviews over the last week alone.

Many mocked the distinctive speaking style of the project's namesake, U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. 

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for hotels. Nobody has more respect for hotels than I do, believe me. But this hotel is pathetic," one reviewer said, despite giving the hotel five stars.

"This place sucked, bigly," wrote another.

Some of the fake reviews seemingly support the hotel, though it's possible they were submitted in irony.

"It was AMAZING," one reviewer said. "All I wanted was a shower. I turn on the water and LIBERAL TEARS flowed out of the golden faucet! At that very moment, I transcended."

It's still unclear when the hotel will actually open, paving the way for legitimate reviews, but a public relations team for the controversial project said it will be holding a soft open later this month.

The grand opening will follow in February, according to Talk Shop Media.  

Fake reviews for Trump tower
Fake reviews for Trump tower