VANCOUVER -- The City of Vancouver is looking for input as it reveals to the public more of its plans for the Broadway Subway project.

A virtual open house is being held online until next week as an opportunity for affected communities to share their feedback.

Part of the open house includes a first look at the design of above-ground portions of the six stations being added or updated as part of the project.

Those interested in the project are asked to watch a video online, and click through several display boards showing the stations.

They are then asked to complete a survey, which is available until Dec. 9, at 11:59 p.m.

The image gallery shows artist renderings of the station entrances and exits for the following stations: Great Northern Way-Emily Carr, Mount Pleasant, Broadway-City Hall, Oak-VGH, South Granville and Arbutus.

The locations and station names were previously announced.

Emily Carr will be located on the east side of Thorton Street, just north of Great Northern Way and not far from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Those behind the project describe its glass, aluminum and cement panelling design as providing a "safe and inviting entrance," which minimizes the risk of vandalism.

Broadway Subway Project/emily carr.jpg

Mount Pleasant will have a similar look, with a visible wood ceiling.

The station will be built on the southwest corner of Broadway and Main Street.

Broadway Subway Project/mt pleasant.jpg

The Broadway Subway line entrance will be integrated into the existing Broadway-City Hall station, but the station will see upgrades including "glass treatments' and a new roof, which will be removable or replaceable in case of future developments.

Broadway Subway Project/broadway.jpg

Oak-VGH Station will be built on the southwest corner of Broadway and Laurel Street.

The station design is described as "neutral-coloured concrete and concrete-fibre cement panelling, transparent glass and visible wood ceiling."

Broadway Subway Project/oak vgh.jpg

South Granville, which will be on the northeast corner of Broadway and Granville Street, is part of a new development already under construction, so its features are meant to match that project.

It features aluminum ceiling panels and glass walls.

Broadway Subway Project/south granville.jpg

Located on the northeast corner of Broadway and Arbutus Street, Arbutus station is described as having a "generous use of glass on three sides," as well as the concrete panelling and wood ceilings seen in other stations.

Broadway Subway Project/arbutus.jpg

City staff and partners from the provincial and federal governments are funding the project, which will see the existing Millennium SkyTrain line extended further west.

Part of the line will be above ground, but the majority will be tunnelled below Broadway.

Another open house will be held early next year, a website for the project says. The final designs will be presented at that time.

The target for shovels in the ground on the project is Summer 2021.

More renderings are available on the Broadway Subway project website.

All images from Broadway Subway Project Corporation