VANCOUVER -- Skipper Otto was founded in 2008 with a goal to help fishing families get a fair price for their catch and to connect directly with seafood lovers.

Many people don't have a full understanding of how their fish has been handled when purchasing in a regular store.

Co-founder of Skipper Otto Sonia Strobel joined CTV Morning Live and shared that typically the industry is controlled by massive corporations.

As a result there is a lengthy supply chain, and before seafood ends up on your plate, it's changed hands dozens of times.

This can equate to increased costs, lower wages paid to fishing families and a lack of transparency for consumers.

At Skipper Otto, consumers have the chance to connect directly with fishing families.

People can become members and pay prior to the start of the season. Fishing families then hit the seas, while receiving living wages that help with the steep upfront costs of fishing.

The team at Skipper Otto helps members eat with the ecosystem.

This means your selections are from the most abundant and sustainable choices each year.

Items are flash frozen, meaning they are frozen quickly at an extremely low temperature with cold, circulating air. All delicious flavours and nutrients are locked in and the seafood can remain in the freezer for months on end.

Not only is freshness maintained, but Skipper Otto seafood is sushi-grade.

Members can collect their orders of wild, B.C., Ocean Wise-recommended seafood at multiple locations across Canada.

This local family story has turned into thousands of members across the country who are now supporting small-scale B.C. fishing families.

Check out the videos from CTV Morning Live to learn more.

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