A group of determined North Shore parents have struck back against the rotating teacher strikes by banding together to hold a cancelled track meet.

The regional elementary school meet at Swangard Stadium had been cancelled because of the strike.

A group of parents started looking for alternate arrangements on Friday after learning North Vancouver teachers would be off the job the day the meet was scheduled.

After being given the blessing of the school district’s superintendent, almost 100 parents volunteered to help run the rescheduled event.

As a result, more than 1,500 North Shore students who had qualified for the district-wide track meet were able to participate.

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Parent and organizer Matt Young said he didn’t want any of the kids to miss out on what they’d be training for all year.

“They don’t really understand at this age what’s going on between the union and the government. For them, it’s just devastating,” he said.

Young said renting the park and securing permits on such short notice was a giant undertaking, but everyone has banded together for the sake of the kids.

“This isn’t a political statement – it’s a solution. This is a solution to the problem. Both sides need to come together and find a solution.”

Children from 26 schools took part in the sporting event.

Sarah Paul, a Grade 7 athlete, said she was upset when she found out the event wasn’t going to happen, but was happy to learn the parents were taking over.

“I was really looking forward to this,” she said. “Everyone was.”

Strikes continue

Schools in 15 districts are behind picket lines Tuesday as the one-day strikes continue for a second week.

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There's no job action planned tomorrow, but more than 10,000 students have signed up on Facebook to walk out of class in protest.

The Labour Relations Board is also expected to rule Wednesday on a plan by school employers to deduct pay from teachers while they're off the job.