***originally aired April 5, 2017***

Many homes and businesses turn to alarm systems to protect valuables from property crime, but what if you could stop thieves in their tracks before they could lay a hand on anything? New fogging technology promises to do just that, by emitting a dense and harmless wall of fog that leaves an intruder blind.

UR Fog is the company behind the device, which removes a burglar’s ability to see and could prevent thefts in the first few seconds.

"You cannot see anything. Basically you cannot steal what you cannot see," said Vicente Herrera, CEO of Peak Security, the Canadian distributor of the product.

Upon activation, a dense fog is released eliminating the intruder’s line of sight, right at the point of entry, forcing them to escape and leave the secured area.

The fog, which is made of glycol and water, clears in around 45 minutes and leaves no residue. It’s safe for objects, animals and people.

Another alarm system that can quickly drive thieves out of your home is the Inferno Sound Barrier. It generates an intolerable spectrum of sound.

"It emits four different frequencies that you're brain just cannot stand," explained Herrera.

The result? The protected area becomes instantly uninhabitable and the intruder is forced to leave.

At 127 decibels, the mix of frequencies can even make you want to vomit. Herrera demonstrated just how brutal the noise is for Ross McLaughlin.

“I couldn’t stand that for that pulse. That was horrible!” said McLaughlin.

Both the sound and fog systems have been used effectively in many countries in Europe and are now being used here.

The cost for the UR Fog system ranges from $2,000 to $3,800. The sound barrier system starts around $1,000.

You can use the devices in a home, garage, business and there even a mobile unit for motor homes, armored vehicles and boats.