Mounties in Langley are investigating after six dogs were stolen from a dog walker’s truck on Tuesday afternoon.

The dogs were in the back canopy of a pickup truck while it was parked at Brookswood Dog Park near 206 Street and 44th Avenue.

The dog walker had left the truck briefly so she could use the washroom and the dogs were gone when she returned. The back canopy had been unlatched.

Clayton Forester, whose 60-pound purebred pitbull puppy Mia was taken, calls the incident “heart wrenching.”

“My old dog died 15 months ago and I got this dog because it looked and acted like her. Now it’s like I’ve lost a child,” he told CTV Vancouver.

Forester said the dog walker had only left her truck unattended for several minutes, and that one of her dogs was taken from the truck as well.

“These are all big dogs – these aren’t lap dogs,” he said. “Who comes into a dog park and is able to walk away with six dogs?”

RCMP say the woman searched the area for several hours but there is no sign of the missing pups.

Here’s a description of the missing dogs:

  • Mia - A black and white Pit Bull
  • Teemo – A grey Bouvier Poodle cross
  • Buddy – A black and white Boston terrier
  • Oscar – A black and brown Rottweiler / Husky cross
  • Salty – A Border collie
  • Molly – A grey and black Blue Heeler / Shepherd cross

Anyone with information is urged to call Langley RCMP at 604-532-3200, or reach out to the dog’s owners through this page.