There's an evergreen tree that some people climb for a spectacular view of Vancouver and the mountains.

The Secret Cambie Climbing Tree is located somewhere on the Cambie Corridor, nestled in with hundreds of other trees.

The locals are sworn to secrecy for fear the site would be ruined by much traffic. You too will be sworn to secrecy if you find this majestic beauty of a playground.

Sharon and Shane heard about the tree through their friends. They’re both painters and heights are not a problem for them.

“It’s very quiet. There’s no one around. So they’re doing a pretty good job keeping it under wraps,” said Sharon. “It probably would be ruined if it was covered with people.”

Shane was able to pop his head up through the top.

“It was amazing. You can see everything. You can see over to Burnaby, over up to North Vancouver--all the mountains and everything,” he said.

The branches are all smoothed out from years of people climbing on it. Initials are even carved into it, marking how high people have reached.

The City of Vancouver is aware that visitors are climbing the tree. Staff are often there cleaning and removing debris. So if you do find the Secret Cambie Climbing Tree, be kind and don’t leave your garbage behind.

Also, don’t share the location. It’s alot more fun trying to figure out where it is.