VANCOUVER -- A sex offender described as "dangerous" and "high risk" by the RCMP has been released from prison, Mounties say.

Kristjon Otto Olson was released Friday, and is living in Surrey.

The RCMP notified the public on the day of his release in a public interest warning permitted under the Privacy Act of Canada.

Olson has been convicted of sexual assault against minors, as well as sexual interference and sexual touching.

The RCMP said his history also includes convictions related to child pornography.

In an emailed statement Friday, Surrey's mayor spoke out strongly against Olson's release.

"Our justice system is broken when the release of a dangerous child sexual predator, who is deemed likely to reoffend, supersedes the safety of our children, our families and the innocent," Doug McCallum's written statement said.

"To release such a dangerous child sexual predator, into a city that is well known for its growing population of young families, is totally irresponsible and reprehensible."

The 38-year-old was released under a series of conditions including that he complies with electronic monitoring.

He cannot have any contact, nor can he be alone, with anyone who is or appears to be under the age of 16, unless he has written permission from his probation officer.

Also among the conditions are that he avoid areas including public parks, swimming areas, skating rinks and libraries, as well as day care centres, schools and playgrounds.

This condition will be monitored electronically, the RCMP's statement said.

He cannot take part in any activities, employment or volunteer work that could put him in contact with minors, unless he has written permission, and can't have any contact with the victims of his offences or their families.

Olson is also not permitted to date or marry anyone with children, or who has the care of or access to children, until his probation officer is made aware of the relationship, and has informed the person of his criminal record and history.

He also can't enter any location with a liquor licence, including liquor stores and bars, or any other business from which minors are prohibited.

He has a curfew, and can't be intoxicated, nor can he have any weapons, drug paraphernalia and pornography.

He also can't have any type of device that can access the internet, and was specifically ordered that, if allowed any exceptions, he cannot delete his browser history.

Members of the community are advised to call 911 or the Surrey RCMP if they see any suspicious behaviour, including a possible breach of conditions.

Olson is described as 5'8" and 174 pounds, with brown eyes and brown hair.

When he was released to a Vancouver halfway house in 2017, local police said, "At risk are female and male children and teenagers, including strangers, acquaintances, intimate partners, and the general public."