The world of fashion takes inspiration from all sorts of places including, apparently, the breakfast of choice for millennials.

The latest sneakers from Saucony are inspired by avocado toast.

"Holy Saucamole! Celebrate your health kick with the delicacy of the exclusive 'Avocado Toast' Shadow 6000," the company wrote in a post on Instagram

The product currently does not appear on the company's Canadian site, but is listed on the American version for US$130 a pair

Based on the exchange rate at time of publishing, they're about C$173.

Saucony describes the shoes as "featuring toast-ed leather, smashed avocado textured suede, red pepper flake collar lining, and the 'Saucamole' shout out on the heel.

"It's everything you avo-wanted, even if the guac is extra."