If you’ve ever wished you had Shakira’s bootylicious body, or Beyonce’s killer curves, a Vancouver clothing store may be able to help.

Ivido Jeans is a small retailer on West Broadway that sells a specialty line of denim for women who want a little more “junk in their trunk.”

The idea came from fiery Latina businesswoman Ivis Gonzalez, who wanted to bring a little taste of her Colombian culture to Vancouver.

"In South America we really celebrate our bum. It's not about being skinny. It's just to wear the right thing for your body and feel like a woman," said Gonzalez.

The jean designs use shading, special fabrics, stitching and pocket placement to give the booty a boost. All of the clothing is made in Gonzalez’s home country of Colombia.

Fifty styles are available, including one with a built-in girdle.

“Some women, they need extra help and then we create the push-in tummy," said Gonzalez. 

So what do the customers think?

"When you put them on, it's like stepping into a standing ovation. You can't help but strut," said Stefanie Cornell.  

"My butt grew five sizes. I'm amazed,” said Danae Dumontet.

Ivido jeans don’t come in small, medium and large. Instead, they have non-tradtional names like Tango, Salsa and Meringue. The plus sizes come in Delicious, Sweet Delicious and Hot Delicious. They range in price from $85 to $110.

If you’re looking for a place to shake your boosted booty, the store even offers salsa dancing lessons every Tuesday.