You could call it part two of the economic plan delivered by Premier Gordon Campbell live on CTV News ten days ago.

In a speech delivered to the B.C. Liberal Convention in Whistler Sunday, the Premier promised more help for homeowners to get through the tough economic times.

"I want to tell you today that we're going to take four additional steps," Campbell told the convention.

The first step involves giving all homeowners -- with 15 per cent equity in their homes -- the option to defer property tax payments for up to two years.

As well, he promised to freeze property assessments at 2007 rates.

The third step is to introduce legislation to protect RRSPs made with banks.

The final step is perhaps the most important: To lobby the federal government to allow people 71 or older the option to keep their money in an RRSP until the markets recover.

"RRSPs have been low for a long time. I want to make sure people can build this bridge so I'm hopeful the federal government will make that change," says Campbell.

With his family seated in the front row, he introduced his nearly three month old grandson, promising to address climate change for future generations.

But it wasn't only Liberals at the convention. Standing near the back of the room was the opposition, attending as observers, listening to the premier's list of promises.

"Clearly this election campaign has started," says NDP MLA Mike Farnsworth. "Clearly the premier is trying to do some damage control after two byelection losses last Thursday."

Those losses were not addressed once. The only race that was the one Campbell is in now.

"That's what May 12 is all about," says Campbell.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Sarah Galashan