A Maple Ridge man injured in a bloody and violent assault while working as a cab driver is asking for people to come forward in his case.

It’s been a year since Mandeep Sandhu was attacked while on duty, and no one has been arrested or charged.

Sandhu was driving a cab for Alouette Taxi on February 25, 2018 when he noticed a white pickup truck driving erratically in front of him on the Golden Ears Bridge just after 3 a.m.

“He’s swerving on the road, going left and right, covering all three, four lanes,” Sandhu recalled.

He said he tried to pass the truck, but was cut off and honked at the vehicle, which then boxed him in. Sandhu told CTV the driver got out holding what looked like a “rod,” smashed his driver’s side window of his taxi and began hitting him in the face.

“He just said like 'I kill you today,'” said Sandhu, who suffered a jaw fracture, deep cuts and lost teeth in the attack. He said he’s been left with nerve damage, memory problems and needs thousands of dollars worth of dental work.

“It definitely changed my life,” Sandhu said.

Maple Ridge RCMP said they have identified a person of interest in the case, adding that the investigation remains active and that police are still interested in hearing from the public.

Sandhu is also pleading for people to go to police if they know something about the attack.

“I am asking, for the sake of humanity, please come forward,” he said.

Sandhu and his family are offering their own $2,000 reward for anyone who provides information leading to an arrest.