A widow in Penticton, B.C. who lost her husband to suicide last year is carrying on his legacy by letting others know they're not alone.

Mare McHale gives thousands of followers a window into her life through her daily vlogs where she shares her highs and lows without sugar coating anything.

"I want people to see that no matter what hand you're dealt you can persevere," she told CTV News.

McHale and her husband Jeremy McGoran, both radio hosts at the time, first talked to CTV News in 2016 when they opened up on air and online about McGoran's struggles with anxiety and depression.

McGoran told others to seek help and was feeling better after trying medication and getting counselling.

But in June of 2017 he took his own life.

"There isn't even words to describe how it feels to come home, find a note and realize that your biggest fear has happened," McHale said.

Now, along with her grief, McHale shares her journey as a single parent.

"It breaks my heart most for my son," she said.

The couple's son, Thomas, is autistic and hearing impaired. Her raw honesty has resonated with many.

"In turn I don't feel alone," she said. "I've been inundated with messages saying you've helped me."

Now, she's urging others dealing with mental illness to confide in others.

"It doesn't have to be this way," she said. "His legacy continued to live on. I just wish he was here to see it."

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Maria Weisgarber

Mare McHale and her late husband Jeremy McGoran used to work for a radio station owned by Bell Media, which also owns CTV.