A Non-Partisan Association candidate's years-old blog post that rated the women in his life based on 15 categories, including attractiveness and skills in the bedroom, is raising eyebrows.

Vancouver City Council hopeful Jason Lamarche posted the tongue-in-cheek "Date Matrix" in 2007 while studying commerce at Langara College.

Writing on his The Business Student blog, Lamarche said he was "just too busy to schedule time with every intriguing woman that comes into my life," and had to prioritize the "best potential partners from a list of women I know."

The bulk of the criteria, under which the seven unnamed women are individually rated from one to 10, are questions such as "Is she nice?", "Is she creative?" and "Is she a professional?"

But others, such as "Is she good in bed? Guess if don't know" are drawing fire from Lamarche's political rivals. The 34-year-old candidate told CTV News Wednesday night that the blog post was intended to be light-hearted, and he does not regret publishing it.

"Of course not," Lamarche said. "The more we expect our politicians to be stoic people in the community with no sense of humour… I think that disengages them from the community. So the more people can have a laugh and, you know, poke fun at certain things, that brings out the humanity in us."

"I'm coming at this as a real candidate, as a real person. I have a sense of humour. You can come have a beer with me, we'll talk about the issues."

But Lamarche's rival, Vision Vancouver Coun. Geoff Meggs, doesn't see the humour.

"It doesn't strike me as funny," Meggs said. "I find it pretty offensive if this is an assessment that somebody who's running for office has developed about people they've actually had a relationship with."

Green Party candidate Adriane Carr agrees, calling the post "ridiculous."

"I'm sorry, we need women in politics. We need women in decision-making positions. We do not need to be rating women in scores that are outdated by decades," Carr said.

NPA mayoral candidate Suzanne Anton made light of the controversy Thursday, feigning shock and assuring that Lamarche would remain on the ballot on Nov. 19.

"Imagine a young guy, Jason Lamarche, wanted to get a date. Imagine that!" Anton said, sarcastically adding that the blog "is really a very important story in the election."

Other questions on the Date Matrix included "Can I trust her?", "Is she creative?" and "Can she be polite?" The highest scoring candidate is an eighth, hypothetical "French Woman I haven't met yet."

"All jokes aside this system has really helped me focus on what kind of person I am, and what kind of person I see myself being with," Lamarche wrote on the Aug. 7, 2007 post.

"The funny part is that is has clarified my interests a little too much, so much so in fact that I'm actually single right now."

Lamarche says he currently has a girlfriend who's aware of the post, and sees no problem with it.

"She laughed at it; she thought it was a joke," Lamarche said.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's St. John Alexander