Trucks are becoming the most common target of vehicle thieves in British Columbia, according to a top 10 list released by RCMP.

Overall, theft of vehicles was down by 4.8 per cent in 2016, officials said at a news conference Tuesday.

The most common vehicles to be stolen last year were Ford F Series pickup trucks, according to a list put together by the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team. Dodge, GMC/Chevy and Toyota pickup trucks were also a popular target.

Public Safety Minister Mike Morris said an average of 32 vehicles are stolen every day in the province, and half of those are trucks.

"Finding your vehicle broken into is a traumatic situation for a lot of people," Morris said.

To avoid the trauma, the ministry and police officers are warning drivers to take preventative measures to help prevent theft and break-ins.

They offered drivers a series of tips including using an anti-theft device, taking valuables with them when they leave their vehicles and storing items out of sight before reaching a destination.

They are also advising the public not to leave running vehicles unattended. Drivers should also not leave keys in vehicles or use their trucks as extra storage. A full list of tips is available online.

Older vehicles are taken more frequently because they are less likely to have an electronic engine immobilizer, officials warned.

Here are the complete lists of most common stolen vehicles by region:

Lower Mainland

  1. Honda Civic and CRX
  2. Ford F Series Trucks
  3. Dodge Trucks
  4. Ford E Series Vans
  5. GMC / Chevy Trucks
  6. Acura Integra
  7. Honda CRV
  8. Toyota Corolla
  9. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee
  10. Dodge Caravan

*38% are trucks

Outside Lower Mainland

  1. Ford F Series Trucks
  2. Dodge Trucks
  3. GMC / Chevy Trucks
  4. Honda Civic and CRX
  5. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee
  6. Honda Accord
  7. Dodge Caravan
  8. Ford Explorer
  9. Toyota Tacoma Trucks
  10. Toyota Corolla

*77% are trucks

All British Columbia

  1. Ford F Series Trucks
  2. Honda Civic and CRX
  3. Dodge Trucks
  4. GMC / Chevy Trucks
  5. Ford E Series Vans
  6. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee
  7. Acura Integra
  8. Toyota Corolla
  9. Honda CRV
  10. Dodge Caravan

*50% are trucks

RCMP also released a list of the top ten suspects most wanted in connection to auto thefts. The list includes those known to break into parking garages, those convicted of stealing bait cars and those who have used stolen vehicles to commit other crimes.

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