A family feud over millions of dollars is brewing in the wake of a disturbing murder at a West Vancouver mansion.

Wealthy businessman Gang Yuan was found dead the night of May 2 at a home in the posh British Properties, which he shared with his cousin, her husband Li Zhao, and the couple’s daughter.

Yuan’s body had allegedly been cut into more than 100 pieces.

Police arrested Zhao hours later, and the 52-year-old has since been charged with second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body.

On Wednesday, a lawyer representing Yuan’s family came forward to allege money played a role in his death.

“There is significant evidence that Li Zhao was heavily indebted to Mr. Yuan, to the tune of over $2 million,” lawyer Chris Johnson said.

Yuan supported Zhao and his family financially, Johnson added, and he was the rightful owner of the $5 million mansion on King Georges Way where his body was found, even though the property is listed under the names of the accused murderer and his wife. 

The Zhaos were registered as the owners for “legitimate tax reasons,” Johnson said.

The lawyer also alleged that Zhao’s daughter Florence, who starred on Vancouver reality show Ultra Rich Asian Girls, wrongly claimed some of Yuan’s wealth was her own on the series.

“She pretend to own Mr. Yuan’s assets, including an island called Pym Island, his Rolls Royce, and his house [in Vancouver],” he said.

Yuan’s family, which has filed a civil claim, also questions police for allowing Zhao to remain inside the West Vancouver mansion for almost nine hours before arresting him.

Police have refused to comment.

None of the Yuan family’s allegations have been proven in court, and Zhao has not been convicted of any crimes.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Lisa Rossington