Mounties in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond, B.C., are recommending infanticide charges against a 20-year-old mother after she allegedly gave birth and threw her newborn into a school dumpster.

The full-term baby's remains were found Sunday after a massive three day search of an area landfill.

The woman delivered the baby boy at her boyfriend's house Jan. 31, police said.

"She awoke her boyfriend after giving birth and explained she had a miscarriage," Cpl. Jennifer Pound said in a news release.

"With the help of her boyfriend, the mother wrapped the baby in a towel, put him in a garbage bag and discarded him in a nearby school dumpster."

Police received a tip about the discarded baby, but the contents of the dumpster had already been sent to the Burns Bog solid waste facility in Delta.

Starting Friday, more than 30 investigators clad in biohazard suits worked around the clock looking for evidence in the investigation.

The baby's body was found Sunday.

"The team of investigators searching were relieved and horrified to find the remains of an infant amongst the other trash," Pound said.

"The infant appeared to be the size of a full term baby."

The 20-year-old mother faces charges of neglecting to obtain assistance at child birth, concealing the body of a child, infanticide and indignity to a dead body. She has been released until her next court appearance.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine if the baby was alive at birth.