A driver was caught abusing an HOV lane in Metro Vancouver this week after police noticed a "very unusual passenger" in the car.

That passenger turned out to be an inanimate dummy dressed up in a hoodie and sunglasses.

"This is one of those cases where the RCMP got their mannequin," police said in a news release. "The passenger exercised the right to remain silent."

According to RCMP, the driver was initially pulled over after a traffic officer saw the car speeding down the Trans Canada Highway near the border between Surrey and Langley.

The vehicle was also spotted changing lanes without signalling and crossing into the HOV lane over a solid white line.

Though the mannequin, which was also wearing shoulder-length hair and a necklace, was fairly convincing, the jig was up shortly after the officer approached the car.

"The driver of the vehicle was issued several tickets for the alleged offences and the passenger, who did not protest, was given a ride to her new home," the RCMP said.

The mannequin was seized to prevent the owner from trying the same stunt again, according to police.

To legally use an HOV lane in B.C., drivers must have at least two humans in their vehicle, unless otherwise indicated by signage.