Nearly two months after the federal government legalized recreational marijuana, people living in Metro Vancouver do not have any brick-and-mortar stores to legally buy it.

Dozens of retailers continue to operate outside of the law, despite the fact it could jeopardize their chances of getting business licences.

Don Brier, owner of Weeds, has four locations in Vancouver, one in Sechelt and another in Alberta. He said he would challenge the province in court if his applications don't get approved.

"With the government opening up one store away from the population base, and they've had almost two months now and they're still not moving forward. Even with recreational stores so, what's going on here?"

The province runs a legal cannabis store in Kamloops. Weeks later, a business in Kimberly became the first private retailer to sell recreational marijuanna.

People can buy pot from the province online and soon, medical marijuana users will be able to ship and pick up their prescription through Shoppers Drug Mart.

But it is still unclear when people can legally buy marijuana in Metro Vancouver.

"There's a lot of businesses here that are operating, I would say, outside the current regulations," said Neill Dixon with O'Cannabiz Conference. "Luckily they've allowed the dispensaries to stay open until they launch legal stores."

While most police forces have turned a blind eye, the RCMP have raided a handful of shops on the day of legalization.

With files from CTV Vancouver's Ben Miljure