A dozen electric vehicle charging stations have been recently built in B.C., the province said Tuesday, and several more are coming soon.

In a statement, the Ministry of Transportation said it's trying to make EVs a more realistic option by investing in charging stations and shifting to renewable fuels.

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There are about 1,700 charging stations throughout the province. Of the latest 12, nine have direct-current (DC) fast chargers that allow drivers to charge up in about 30 minutes or less.

The other three provide level 2 stations, the ministry said.

In addition to the new dozen, the province is looking to build another six sites, most of which would be set up along highways 16 and 97.

"People are increasingly aware of the impacts of climate change," Environment Minister George Heyman said in the statement announcing the new stations.

"We're committed to a cleaner future here in B.C. As part of that, we’re making zero-emission vehicles more accessible."

The province estimates more than 20,000 EVs are currently on B.C. roads, a number it expects to jump to 350,000 in the next decade.

As part of its latest budget, the province plans to spend $107 million over three years to help B.C. drivers make the switch to cleaner transportation. The budget includes purchase incentives, more public charging stations and financial support for fleet vehicles.

It estimates 95 per cent of car trips taken in B.C. are less than 30 kilometres, a range it says is ideal for electric vehicles.

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