The attempted assassin whose photo-op with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau sparked a major controversy earlier this year was recently charged with uttering threats.

Court records show Surrey, B.C. resident Jaspal Atwal is accused of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm in connection with an alleged incident on April 23.

A source confirmed it's the same Jaspal Atwal who was convicted in 1986 of trying to murder an Indian official who was visiting Canada.

In February, a picture emerged of the convict posing with Justin Trudeau's wife during the Prime Minister's trip to India, raising questions about security protocols because of Atwal’s notorious past.

But Atwal insists he has since moved on with his life, and renounces terrorism in all forms.

In March, Atwal's lawyer said his client was allowed on the trip because he no longer is considered a security threat, and that India granted him three entry visas last year.

Atwal is expected to appear in court next on May 24. 

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Sarah MacDonald