Nearly a year after his first chicks died, Canuck the Crow is experiencing more parental heartbreak.

In a Facebook post, Shawn Bergman – the bird's human ambassador – wrote the famous feathered troublemaker's chicks died during an attack.

"There was an attack on Canuck and Cassiar's nest from an airborne predator," he wrote. "The attack happened going into the evening and over the next couple of days it became evident that the attack indeed was fatal to the little ones in the nest."

Bergman says both Canuck, and the crow's lady friend Cassiar, both appear to be uninjured from the incident.

Canuck came to prominence for stealing a knife from an East Vancouver crime scene as well as his love of dive-bombing postal workers and McDonald's patrons.

He was briefly an employee of the Fair at the PNE, with his "wages" going towards an animal hospital.

The winged bad boy did settle down in 2018, becoming a father in May.

But sadly, those hatchlings died a week later with Bergman saying the avian family experienced "many ups and downs" during nesting season.

Those downs have repeated themselves nearly a year on.

Bergman promised he would update the fowl's fans in the near future.

"I will be posting with further details on what transpired, soon. Thank you for your understanding during this time."