VANCOUVER -- A West Vancouver man is $9.3 million richer after recently collecting the lotto prize he won at the end of last year.

Leslie Hasman bought the Lotto 6/49 ticket on Dec. 30 and it took him looking twice before he realized just how much he'd won. After scanning the ticket once, Hasman "saw several zeros," the B.C. Lottery Corporation said in a news release, but he didn't see just how much he'd won without his reading glasses on.

"I asked the cashier to print out the winning numbers, I put them in my pocket, and then I went to buy a few groceries," Hasman said in the release.

"I have no idea what I ended up buying."

Once he got home, Hasman took a closer look at the winning draw numbers and ticket purchase location, which was West Vancouver.

"Holy moly! That's got to be me," he said, recalling when he checked the information.

Hasman collected his prize on Feb. 12. He says he'd like to spend some of his winnings on a family trip to Hawaii once it's safe to travel but for now, he plans to buy a barbecue.

He also plans to donate some of his winnings to hospitals in the Lower Mainland.

Winning a Lotto 6/49 jackpot requires matching all six numbers in a draw without using the bonus. The odds of doing so are said to be infinitesimal, at one in 13.98 million.

The odds of matching six numbers including the bonus are one in 2.3 million, but that only nets the winner six per cent of the prize pool.