One of the most well-known orcas that frequent the waters off B.C.'s coast has had a calf, and it needs a name.

Researchers announced the birth in a statement Thursday, asking for ideas from the public for what to call the baby.

The calf is the second born to Northern Resident killer whale Springer, who is officially known as A73. The female orca (pictured in this article) was found in poor condition off the coast of Washington State in 2002.

She was rehabilitated and reunited with her pod, and years later, is raising her own family.

"Since the calf officially known as A116 has survived its first two years — the most challenging period in the whale’s life — it can now be given a common name," the statement from Ocean Wise said.

Researchers do not yet know the calf's sex, but have narrowed down a list of names to Spout, Storm, Sointula, and Sutil.

Anyone wishing to cast a vote can do so online before March 8.