Plumes of black smoke poured from a home in Mission Sunday afternoon.

The fire was so large that firefighters could see the smoke even before they left the fire hall, according to the fire chief.

The house on Lightbody Court was fully engulfed in flames by the time crews arrived.

Neighbours said the inferno consumed the home within minutes.

“The flames were already coming out of the roof. It was totally black smoke. The flames just continued to grow out of the roof and it got really big and really high,” said Sue McKinley.

Fire officials said there were early reports that people were trapped inside, but crews did not find anyone in the house as it appears everyone made it out safely.

Fire Chief Dale Unrau said firefighters were able to prevent the flames from damaging nearby homes.

“Crews did an awesome job of containing the fire to the house of origin. The fire had a deep hold in the structure and they did an excellent job of preventing it from extending to homes on either side,” Unrau said.

Where and how the fire started is under investigation.