Police seized even more "suspicious meat" from a park in Delta over the weekend – but authorities are still working to determine whether any of it was poisoned.

Officers found goat brain, liver, chicken, kidney and minced beef at Watershed Park on Saturday afternoon, marking the fifth time in a month that raw meat mysteriously turned up in the public space.

Police also found someone at the scene, though they have not labelled the individual a suspect in the bizarre case, only a "person of interest."

"Contrary to some reports on social media, police have not arrested anyone in relation to this investigation," the Delta Police Department said in a news release.

The strange discoveries have put some dog owners on edge, fearing the meats might have been tampered with before being dumped at Watershed Park.

Police spokesperson Cris Leykauf said authorities are still waiting to learn whether that was the case.

"Meat seized from previous occasions is still undergoing testing," Leykauf said.

"Our officers have also taken the step of inquiring within the veterinary community regarding if they have seen any spikes or trends in animal poisoning in the Metro Vancouver area."

So far, there has been no indication of alarming trends in poisoning incidents, according to police.

Until they know whether the meat was poisoned, authorities said they can't comment on a potential motive or what kind of consequences the person responsible could face.

In the meantime, dog owners have been advised to pay close attention to their pets while visiting Watershed Park, and to keep them on a leash in the area.

In the previous incidents, which were reported on July 17 and 28 and Aug. 1 and 7, the meat was always left near a trail entrance by 63rd Avenue.

Authorities described the prior discoveries as typically "7-10 pounds of large 2-3 inch chunks of meat."