They may not be headed to Dancing with the Stars, but a pair of Victoria, B.C. police officers still know how to whip out their moves.

Instead of breaking up a dance-off in the city’s Centennial Square Tuesday night, the two on-duty cops decided to join the breakdancing party instead.

Entering the impromptu dance floor, Const. Mike Russell broke it down in what can best be described as a gangster-robot. 

Const. Gord Magee’s style, on the other hand, appeared to be more breakdance-hoedown - until he dropped to the ground and began doing the worm.  

Const. Matt Rutherford, media relations officer with VicPD, says he was surprised to see the videos surface on Twitter – but appreciates the message it sends out.

“This is just another example of officers engaging with the community,” said Rutherford. “It’s great to see our officers engaging in some dance moves.”

He may be happy to see community engagement, but when it comes to the calibre of the performance Rutherford’s not quite sold.

“The worm was awesome – but as for [Const. Russell], I don’t know if those dance moves would be on TV,” he chuckled, noting that breakdancing with a duty belt can be very challenging.