Would you let someone camp out in your backyard for $150 a month?

That's the arrangement one Craigslist user has proposed in an ad that promises there would be minimal disruption to the homeowner's daily life.

"I wouldn't bother you at all," it reads. "I'd mainly use the tent for sleeping and be away the rest of the time."

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If the ad is serious, it would represent yet another unfortunate symptom of Vancouver's lack of affordable housing options. Earlier this year, another Craigslist poster tried to attract a desperate tenant by offering closet space to live in – for hundreds of dollars a month.

Unfortunately, even if someone were willing to rent out their yard to a camper, the arrangement would break Vancouver licensing and zoning bylaws.

Those rules are in place to ensure "people living in rental accommodation are safe and have access to sewage, water and power systems," the city told CTV News in an email.