VANCOUVER -- Dealing with debt can be overwhelming.

Taz Rajan from licensed insolvency trustees Bromwich and Smith joined CTV Vancouver News at Noon for some debt real talk.

In the video, Rajan explains the difference between a consumer proposal and a bankruptcy.

One of the key points Rajan shared was that not all debts can be written into a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Student loans in particular have a unique set of rules when looking in to restructuring.

For those dealing with debt, Rajan says the most important thing that can be done is reaching out for help.

Bromwich and Smith offers a free, no obligation consultation to tailor solutions to specific needs.

They offer unbiased and impartial information and ensure clients are treated with grace and respect.

Having the correct information means an informed decision can be made on how to move forward.

Check out the full video to learn more.