When Terri McPhail returned to her car and found both doors wide-open she was convinced someone had broken in.

She was right. The intruder just happened to be a black bear.

She was housesitting way out in Anmore, when the dog went berserk and wouldn’t stop barking.

“I’m just like oh be quiet,” said McPhail. “Didn’t really pay attention.”

The home’s surveillance video caught the bear red-handed. It shows the animal wandering up to the car and pulling the door open. It has a good look inside before strolling around to the other side to prove the first trick wasn’t a fluke, and flings the passenger door open too.

“Well considering how easy it was for him to open the door and get in, I’m gonna say this wasn’t his first car break-in,” McPhail said with a chuckle.

There was plenty of evidence: A huge bear print on the front seat, but it’s the slobber on the door handles that suggests the bear opened the doors with its teeth.

"From the timing of the footage I would say I missed him by about a minute or two."

She appologized to the dog for telling to it can-it, and thanked it for alerting her to the visitor.

Now, McPhail is convinced this bear could “easily” open house doors with lever-type handles.

The bear didn’t take anything and wandered off, but McPhail swears she’ll lock her car doors from now on.