Some restaurants are changing the way they do business. Dining out is going high tech. No more waiting to place your order, or having a server hovering over you, trying to get you to pay. Now everything is under your control, at your fingertips, just by using your phone. No sign-up or app required.

It’s called Ready. And it’s already in use in several restaurants in B.C. If you have an iPhone, all you have to do is open your camera and hold it over a code to launch a menu to order and to pay for your food.

On an Android phone, the same service launches through near field communication – just tap your phone to the card where you are seated.

If you’re at a busy restaurant with a bar, like Brewhall in Vancouver’s Olympic Village, you can bypass the line and pick up a drink or have it brought to your table. You select your option.

As for servers, the food will still be delivered, but at Brewhall some are a bit concerned how the new technology will affect their tips.

“They’re concerned, yup,” responded general manager Nick Menzies.

But the folks behind Ready say that tips have actually increased.

“We’ve run tests against what tips used to be and what they are now in restaurants that have gone live and tips have gone up,” said Ready spokesperson Tori Dundas. “Getting the food and drinks out to the customer faster, they can spend the time checking in on the customer: 'How’s your meal, how’s your drinks?'”

You have tipping options and payment options, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, or use a credit card by holding your camera over the card to automatically load payment information. Pay when you want and leave when you want.

Ready is in use at BC Place stadium at club level seats and in the following locations:

* Brewhall  (Olympic Village, launches mid November) 

* Mahony & Sons (Burrard Landing, expanding to others soon)

* Ceili’s (several locations across Western Canada)

* Burrard Public House (Port Moody)

* B’s Eatery (Chances Salmon Arm)

* Longhorn Saloon & Grill (Whistler)

*Brewstreet (Port Moody)

*Casa Ole (Texas)