Months before the provincial election, Premier Gordon Campbell stood shoulder to shoulder with the Prime Minister for a big announcement - SkyTrain's expansion into the Tri-Cities.

But now, TransLink says the Evergreen Line is on hold.

"To do something like the Evergreen Line, unfortunately we would need to cut existing services and that's not the right way to approach that kind of expansion," said Ken Hardie, TransLink spokesman.

Port Moody's mayor now wonders if February's announcement was just a pre-election photo-op.

"We've all waited for this and now 15 years later, we're still waiting," Mayor Joe Trasolini said. "This is not acceptable and I don't think the residents, voters and business community in this area will accept that."

While TransLink says the Evergreen Line is on hold indefinitely, the provincial government is painting a different picture.

"It's a priority for this government, it's a priority for the federal government. We have a major partnership to go ahead. The Evergreen Line is a priority," Campbell said Friday.

The province says it will meet with TransLink in the weeks ahead but isn't committing the funding TransLink says it needs to build the line.

Trasolini isn't holding his breath.

"Show me the money, show me the shovel in the ground, and then I will be a believer."

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Shannon Paterson