Avery is the first restaurant in Metro Vancouver to turn bubble tea into hot pot.

The Richmond eatery's owner, Tim Zhao, said he wanted to add a twist to the Taiwanese beverage, which is traditionally served cold. 

Unlike regular hot pots that you find in Asian restaurants, this one is sweet. It’s also not exactly hot, just warm.

"It can’t be hot," Zhao explained, because the glutinous rice taro balls will become sticky when boiled.

Grass jelly, mochi taro balls, tapioca pearls and sago are all served in a brass pot. The pot is then filled with milk tea and a flame is lit to keeps the dessert warm. 

Just like when serving soup, everything is scooped into small bowls. 

When you’re almost done, Zhao said you could stick a straw into the pot and drink it like a bubble tea. That’s because it’s hard to scoop out the last bit of the dessert. 

Annette Mew was visiting the restaurant with her husband and friends last Saturday after reading about it on social media.

"I was intrigued because I’ve never had a hot bubble tea before," she said. 

Mew described the bubble tea as being lukewarm, good and soothing, but hesitated when asked about sharing the last drops with a straw. 

"A straw? Not with my friends – but maybe with my husband," Mew said. 

The Taro Ball Hot Pot is served year round and also available cold. The cost is just under $30 and can feed up to four people. 

Forget the hot chocolates and apple ciders this winter. Be the first person to put your straw into the hot pot, or second, or third – but definitely not fourth.