Cinnamon bun lovers rejoice: Vancouver’s locally owned Grounds For Coffee has just announced the opening date for its second location.

Wednesday, May 15 is the first day to get your fingers into the coffee shop's famously gooey and sticky pastries on the city's east side. 

The new location at 2088 Commercial Drive is almost 2,000 square feet, twice the size of their original location of 26 years on Alma Street.

"The Drive is very diverse in terms of its food offering," said owner Dan Hilton. "There’s a ton of cafes there and we felt we could add something to it."

Hilton added that they’re a little unique from a standard cafe because a big part of what they do is cinnamon buns. 

Each and every bun is made by hand, with no preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. Everything in the recipe, except for the cinnamon, is sourced locally.

Grounds For Coffee's new location will have a 20-foot ceiling with a loft upstairs and floor-to-ceiling windows in the front of the store. It’s more central when you compare it to their Alma location in Vancouver’s Point Grey neighbourhood.

"We’re just very grateful for the opportunity to be moving to Commercial Drive. We’re looking forward to becoming part of the neighborhood," Hilton said. 

A neighborhood with cinnamon buns the way your grandma would have made it.