Conservation officers in Abbotsford have received multiple reports of a black bear sighting Friday.

After tracking the elusive creature for several hours, it was found near a local elementary school, where officers found it had climbed up a tree.

The black bear was tranquilized and with the help of the fire department, it was brought down slowly without any injuries, authorities said.

The bear will be relocated up a mountain near Harrison Lake.

Dozens of bear sightings

Conservation officers said they have received about 50 bear calls since the animals came out of hibernation in May.

They advise the best way to deter the big animals is to remove any attractants.

"We really, really need people not to put their garbage out the night before pickup. They need to put them out the morning of, especially those living in east Abbotsford," said Sgt. Don Stahl.

"We're also asking people to take their bird feeders down for the summer and maybe put them out around December 15."

He explained birds do not need extra food in the warmer months and the feeders are major bear attractants.

More tips on how to manage attractants can be found on Bear Smart BC.